The need is great

There is a growing need for midwifery care providers, yet each year hundreds of qualified applicants are unable to attain admission to a midwifery education program. There are only 42 accredited CNM/CM education programs in the U.S., making it difficult for individuals to follow this career path. The net increase in CNMs/CMs is only 300–400 each year—not enough to meet present workforce demands.  More midwifery education programs are needed. 

What we do

We assist academic medical centers and universities with all aspects of creating a midwifery education program that leads to the certified nurse-midwife (CNM)/certified midwife (CM) credential. Consultation services include:

  • Needs Assessment and Feasibility
  • Design
  • Development
  • Accreditation
  • Implementation
  • Sustainability

Benefits of having a midwifery education program

Developing a midwifery education program within an academic medical center or university enhances:

  1. Visibility
  2. CNM/CM recruitment and retention
  3. Inter-professional collaboration
  4. Access to educational funding
  5. Market competitiveness
  6. Local access to midwifery education
  7. Workforce development
  8. Diversity of the midwifery workforce
  • —Michelle Franklin, Vice President, Hospital Operations

    “Engaging with Midwifery Education Design and Development provided our team with the sustained focus and seasoned experience we needed to accomplish our goal of launching a midwifery program in a specified timeframe.”

    —Michelle Franklin, Vice President, Hospital Operations
  • —Amanda Murchison, MD, Vice Chair of Education

    "Midwifery Education Design & Development understands the requirements for residents and other learners and how to integrate those requirements into a midwifery practice."

    —Amanda Murchison, MD, Vice Chair of Education
  • —Isaiah Johnson, MD, Chair

    “Susan DeJoy has a broad knowledge of setting up a successful midwifery practice. She's responsive to our needs as a department, understands physicians' perspectives and translated what we sought into an actionable plan.”

    —Isaiah Johnson, MD, Chair
  • —John C. Smulian, MD, MPH, BL Stalnaker Professor and Chair

    “Your thoughtful consultation, input and guidance allowed us to turbocharge our start-up process and helped us to avoid some of the more common speed bumps encountered with starting a new program.”

    —John C. Smulian, MD, MPH, BL Stalnaker Professor and Chair