The need is great

There is an anticipated shortfall of 20,000 ob/gyn providers by the year 2050, largely because the number of new providers is not keeping pace with the demand. CNMs provide a viable, cost-effective alternative for women; however, there are only 38 accredited CNM programs in the U.S., making it difficult for individuals to follow this career path.

What we do

We assist academic medical centers with all aspects of creating a midwifery education program that leads to the certified nurse-midwife/certified midwife credential, including:

Benefits of having a midwifery education program

Developing a midwifery education program within an academic medical center enhances:

  • 1. Visibility
  • 2. CNM/CM recruitment and retention
  • 3. Inter-professional collaboration
  • 4. Access to education funding
  • 5. Market competitiveness